Green Tea From Around The World

East Asia: Where Green Reigns Supreme

Our journey begins in East Asia, the undisputed heartland of green tea consumption. China, the birthplace of green tea, embraces it in its purest form. Delicate Longjing from Hangzhou and grassy Sencha from Uji Valley grace tea trays across the nation, savored for their subtle notes and cultural significance. Japan elevates green tea to an art form. Matcha, the finely ground powder, whisked into frothy perfection during elaborate tea ceremonies, embodies Japanese precision and reverence for the brew. In Vietnam, iced jasmine green tea, a fragrant and refreshing summer staple, quenches thirsts and invigorates afternoons.

Middle East and North Africa: Green Goes Global

While East Asia claims the crown, green tea’s reach extends far beyond its origin. In the Middle East and North Africa, mint-infused green tea, often sweetened with sugar, offers a warm and welcoming respite. Morocco’s Maghrebi mint tea, served in intricate glasses, is a social ritual and a symbol of hospitality. Russia, though known for its black tea, has a niche for Krasnodar green tea, with its light floral notes. Its consumption often involves communal gatherings around a samovar, a wood-fired urn keeping the tea perpetually hot.

Western World:The Green Wave

A 17th-century love affair with green tea began in Britain, sparking a 350-year obsession. Taxed as a luxury, it was initially reserved for the wealthy, but by the 18th century, green tea became accessible to all. Today, its popularity reaches far beyond British shores, solidifying its status as one of the world’s most adored beverages and when Dutch traders in New Amsterdam (now New York) brought Tea to soon captivated colonial America, but hefty British taxes brewed discontent. Enter the Boston Tea Party, a hot and steamy act of defiance for freedom… and cheaper tea. After independence, iced tea, a refreshing American invention, swept the nation, becoming a symbol of lazy afternoons and porch swings. Then came Thomas Sullivan’s accidental tea bag revolution, making the perfect cup quicker and easier for all.