4 Unique Types of Green Tea

Jasmine Tea can be both pure floral tea or jasmine scented or flavored real tea. Today, there are more than just a few types of jasmine tea. A traditional type of Jasmine scented green tea, with a strong, bold but smooth green tea leaves gently scented with jasmine blossoms. This tea is great for both regular brewing and cold-brewing.

Blackberry Jasmine tea dances on your palate and nourishes your soul. Sweet blackberries pirouette with delicate jasmine, while the smooth green tea base grounds the experience with earthy whispers. Antioxidants fight for your health, vitamin C boosts your glow, and prebiotics tango with your gut. Hot or cold, this versatile delight is a symphony of flavor and well-being. So, skip the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary – one sip at a time.

Sencha means “brewed tea” in Japanese. It is the most widely grown green tea in Japan, Sencha refers to the first picking of the tea bush, which takes place from late February in warm climates to the end of May in cooler areas. Sencha, renowned for its high vitamin C content, reigns as a teatime favorite, especially for women. Its delicate flavor and aroma make it a delightful choice for any occasion, offering a refreshing boost to health and well-being.

Matcha is the powdered tea used in Japan’s formal tea ceremony. As a rule, the lighter green varieties are sweeter and the darker ones more bitter.Matcha goes beyond powdered sencha. It dissolves seamlessly in water, allowing you to consume the whole leaf and its wealth of nutrients. This culinary chameleon shines in savory dishes and sweet treats alike, adding a vibrant burst of flavor to any recipe.